Wednesday, May 28, 2008


this had to come out sooner or later: i have never seen a fellini movie. so when picking which one to see first, i went with amarcord, simply because a soho vintage store is named after it. c'mon, it had to be cool, right?...RIGHT?

well, the trailer makes it clear that this is from the 'new fellini'. so right off the bat, i knew i had effed up. i was not going to get a lynch-influencing mindf*ck i'm pretty sure fellini is known for. but as that 90's VW golf ad exclaimed, 'in the game of life, there is no reset button'. and despite my muddled knowledge of italy's socialist past and cultural hallmarks, amarcord and i are friends in the end. you see, we share similar interests such as yelling at your family, blind accordion players, and the female behind.

new fellini can hang his hat on this one boys-being-boys montage in which at one point he combines rube goldberg with human urine and it is FUNNY. also, weaving in and out of the movie is the scariest hooker ever put on screen.

in the picture above, a boy is living out his fantasy of a sexual tryst with the local overweight tobacco lady. he's lifting her in the air and she is getting turned on.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

no country for young girls

four weeks ago, i popped in picnic at hanging rock and watched the 7-minute trailer. no longer able to put it off, i have finally dragged myself to watch the actual movie.

i have not seen little women, pride and prejudice or captain ron, so i'm at a loss for a proper reference point. however i sure as hell have seen the truman show, which shares directors with hanging rock (peter weir). i will never forget the moment right after truman musters through the 50th thunderstorm thrown at him by ed harris and the newfound silence is broken by his rickety boat slamming into the white wall at the end of the 'ocean'. 20 minutes after hanging rock, very little has stayed with me, except for maybe how good the truman show was.

that said, hanging rock's saucy factor is pleasantly generous (see above), though unfortunately offset by 1900s dialogue ("i expect you to be word perfect") and hairstyles (bun). also, this movie would serve as a highly effective ad for bottled water.