Monday, January 29, 2007

East Side Walkabout

Walkabout doesn't go out of its way to explain anything really, which is weirdly refereshing. Like the protagonists, we're kept in the dark and left to take in the imagery, which is raw. Even so we were naturally inclined to put a backstory on it.

Walkabout begins with anthropologist who decides to do a case study in the Outback, but for reasons unbeknownst to us, takes his children with him. Obvz, he gets lost with no gas and only as much food as can fit in a picnic basket. You can guess what happens next. Or can you?

Here's a hint, it's not as scary as you might think. Which technically means it could be much scarier. Which is it? Easily both.

Monday, January 22, 2007

every last homey

in my freshman year of college, i had a roommate who really liked tom waits. said roommate also enjoyed using lysol as a shower substitute and from time to time incorporating items found on the street (like the cane of an old man) into his wardrobe. i'm pretty sure he hated me.
i'd also imagine that he's seen down by law (cuz waits is in it, doye).

although made in '86, jim believes DBL ushered in the 90s. while watching, we felt compelled to point out what was "90's" about it although i can't think of any examples right now. at times, it looks like mtv back when it played music videos and nwa had taken over america. o yea, and part of it takes place in the Orleans Parish Prison...OPP...IS YOUR MIND BLOWN!?!?!

this is the first movie i've seen with roberto benigni and i now wish he was a pocket-sized commodity that you could give to your friends when they're feeling down. and if i was balding, i'd want to bald like him.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jason Graduates

it took me a good sec to find an image for kicking and screaming cuz will ferrell's mug was all up in my google search. this movie does not involve the misadventures of an incompetent dad who decides to coach his son's youth soccer team in a misguided attempt to win the respect of both his son and his own father.

k and s is about some dudes from vassar, reluctantly nicknamed the cougars, who try to cope with post-grad life in 1995, a time when going to prague was a unique idea, only 12 (creepy-ass link warning) jason movies had been released, and the knicks were perennial playoff hopefuls.

like a lot of criterion movies we've seen so far, we were quick to dismiss the movie. but while we were pointing out negatives (eg cheesy acting, actors' resemblences to hs classmates), before we knew it we were mad enthralled.

added bonus(es): knowing another movie the guy from outside providence has been in. AND where the the older sister from the wonder years has been. o yea, and parker posey kills it here.

Monday, January 8, 2007

A Full Minute of Silence

In Jean-Luc Godard's "Band of Outsiders," the protagonists attempt to engage in a full minute of silence (in reality, 36 seconds). It made me think about sound and hearing and deafness, which prompted me to wikipedia all kinds of crazy sound related stuff. Here are my findings:

Singer-songwriter/guitarist, John Mayer, suffers from music-color synesthesia, which occurs when someone experiences sort of a problem in neurological wiring wherein they mix-up senses. In this case, the result is the ability to hear colors. John Mayer can HEAR colors.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Rated RPG

***In lieu of whatever and pretty much because we feel like it coupled with the re-emergence of our Mormon friend Beef, we decided to post about current movies too. We realize that this moment represents a Sea Change in the way we present and you read this blog, but you probably don't even read this yet anyway. But you will... ***

Watching Children of Men is like a videogame except without the interactivity. Criterion favorite Julianne Moore makes a good cameo. Michael Caine's character is kind of cheesy, but maybe it's because I can't see him as a hippie. The action sequences are impressive. It's pretty crazy that this comes from the same guy who did "Y tu Mama Tambien." I think it would probably be cool to make a dolly track out of magnets like that bullet train in Shanghai. Children of Men reminded Feld of GTA. I thought it was more like Metal Gear Solid. Kiki wanted to know who ripped tush. It's not Blade Runner and the book is probably better (I haven't read it though), but it's definitely worth watching.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

BOO Radley

band of outsiders is one of those movies that by calling it cool, it makes you sound cool as well. so yea, this movie is mad cool...

..and french. cigarettes are constantly afire, the wardrobes are 10 years ahead of new york, and kapil was bored.

but to kapil's delight, BOO features a dime brizzle to match any dime brizzle. she can dance, sorta sing, and hates the boulevards.

watching this movie will show you how you should be dressing and how not to talk to women. it also hints at the recent emergence of NASCAR.

the clip above, which features an absurdly ill dance sequence, best demonstrates the film's overall poppin-ness. enjoy.

and happy 2k7.