Friday, January 25, 2008

charlatan kane

in 2005, i went to a tribeca film festival screening of a doc about director and good friend of iron mike tyson, james toback. once the lights came back on, they did a little q&a with the director that no one really cared about, but then mr. toback came out, looking heavy and with a cane, to a thunderous applause. at one point someone asked him what his favorite movie is, to which he said without a blink, "f for fake".

it's impossible to prepare your brain for this movie. orson welles has made something here that ushered in mtv breakneck editing, wes anderson credits, and everything that guy ritchie has made. you will notice this.

the opening credits consists of shots of a long-legged woman in a thank-you-lord fitting dress walking through the streets of what looks like paris, interspliced with the have-mercy expressions of male bystanders. from there it goes in a completely different direction, but you don't mind.

there's also the most amazing awkward silence standoff between two people interviewed individually. and i'm pretty sure a monkey beats off on this guy's shoulder at one point. could just be me...