Monday, April 9, 2007

baby sham

since my netflix account was backed up this week, jim and i were forced to scour blockbuster colonia for a criterion movie. we quickly passed on armageddon, which we're saving for a later date. i had my pick and jim understandably had issues with it. for some reason the check-out line spanned the entire sci-fi section, which bought jim more than enough time to find a plan b. thank the lord the cashiers are poorly trained.

here's the taglines of the harder they come:
dem a loot, dem a shoot, dem a wail in shanty town;
With a Piece in His Hand He Takes on the Man!; and the clearly babel-fished,
He Makes Women and the Charts and is on top with both.

the harder they come was lying in the drama section, but this jamaican tale should have been placed with the foreign films. subtitles are a must unless you are rastafari. speaking of the subtitles, they have a mind of their own here. some scenes have them, some don't. it's their chill way of trying to teach you the language, or something.

you could say the harder they come is like the OG get rich or die trying, without the speech impediment.