Monday, May 28, 2007

Tatis F@%k!

After a long layover, the TCP train finally got back on track and made a stop in 50's France for auteur Jacques Tatis' "Mon Oncle" and with all due respect to whoever, all parties involved unanimously decided that we probably don't like you if you like this movie. Although the movie is a comedy and is therefore not as joyless or over earnest as some past TCP stuff dealing with essentially the same content (satire on postmodern alienation/ consumerism), it was still the most difficult TCP viewing thus far because the jokes just don't hold up anymore. The fact that Tatis' opening sequence, overall visual aesthetic, and oddball overall feel (killin' it with the wide angle-dope set pieces) were so ill helps me understand why people think this is a masterpiece, but it did little to make the movie more palatable.

Conversely, if you like Mr. Bean, you might enjoy this. Incidentally, Tatis is the progenitor of Mr. Bean as per Rowan Atkinson's own admission. IMO, the verdict is out on whether or not that helps or hurts his case.

In closing, I want to start a flame war on imdb about this movie.