Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Buzzed

oscar monday, new york


gosling didn't win and i didn't win $500.
guillermo del toro does not react positively to flattery.
contemporary dance is hyphy.
clint eastwood knows italian.
forest whitaker
the dude who wrote "little miss sunshine" was matthew broderick's personal assistant.
john mayer can HEAR colors.

for those of you who missed it, you didn't really miss too much, but you won't understand this recap.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

and mama feld couldn't get through the book

all was in place for this one--president's day vaca, benihana in our belly, kapil's even present. now showing: the unbearable lightness of being. ok, gotta watch the trailer first. oh snap! a young daniel day lewis! lots of fly honeys! this is looking good. kaps's gettin comfy, promises he won't fall asleep. bags of reese's p-cups and g-worms holding us down. jim's got his 3 cans of coke at the ready.

cut to:
20 mins in and i'm being asked to put on Oprah.
80 mins in and jim admits he's never had more trouble following the story of a movie.
85 mins and kapil's passed out with a tummy ache.

i watched the second disc (!) on my own. the movie gods rewarded me with an appearance by the MIT prof from good will hunting but then later gave me a wet-willy in the form of one of the most ludicrous endings evz.

+: the colors, i guess
-: smugness, lack of coherent chronology, overdose of "tush and bush"

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

memph bleak

saw mike leigh's naked last weekend. don't feel like writing about it. actually, i don't feel like doing much these days. why bother? some kind of apocalypse is headed our way. don't you read nostradmus? you have a very sad looking face. you live near here?--within walking distance? mind if i take a bath in your flat and talk about your dead dog?

naked leaves you feeling just that--with only your dvd remote and the stop button to console you. we follow a 6 foot 7 misanthropic erudite rapist with nothing to lose (pictured) in 1993 london as he encounters situations that ultimately gravitate towards rape. somehow, some way, mr. leigh created an even more menacing character (not pictured) who WILL remind you of someone you grew up with.

jim and i agreed that this movie is best viewed alone. and on the real, the 6'7" vagabond absolutely kills it.