Sunday, February 17, 2008

and a happy new year

to celebrate mr. bardem's doubleyew last sunday, the TCP swivels its poorly-disciplined attention over to the land of spain with the spirit of the beehive. while the movie's title will make as little sense after watching it as it does right now, what you will take away is how incredibly naive you were as a kid.

following the precocious antics of ana (above, entranced) as she blindly tries to locate and hang out with frankenstein, beehive is not some kind of reverse sixth sense. there are moments in this movie that make you 'rewind that' like dennis quaid in the vantage point trailer. one wtf moment involves a prank that ana's twin sister, isabel, pulls that PLAYS YOU. another involves kids playing with a bonfire like it's the neighbor's sprinkler.

throughout the film, ana is almost run over by a train, nearly falls into a well, and is thisclose to being shot. it's also worth noting that beehive's use of frankenstein is one of the better movie-within-a-movie moments this side of home "filthy animal" alone.

oh and happy leap year day.