Thursday, August 28, 2008

veal scalp

the picture above is of a masterful lego re-creation of one of the more disturbing scenes from the honeymoon killers.

the construction worker on the left is actually an old lady (that's supposed to be the old maid hat that the poor woman actually wears to bed) who just realized that her 'husband' (dude chillin on the couch) is nowhere near the man she thought he was. in between the two is the sweetie-like character who is insane and madly in love with dude on couch. she has a freaking hammer in her hand and is about to problem solve.

this is not the most disturbing scene. this is also based on a true story. this has the grandma from 'everybody loves raymond' in it.

$1.85 was steep for a veal cutlet in 1970.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

when a woman's fed up

it's been a long time, we pretty much left you. but the TCP is here in august, at least for today, turning the clocks back to the year 1955 and switching our gps default location over to france with henri-georges clouzot's les diabolique (which is actually playing on IFC).

the netflix synopsis gives away the first hour of plot: a principal's wife and his mistress are best of buds, they also both hate the principal and murder him. i totally thought i was in the driver's seat. then along comes the last 20 minutes and i am left with my pants at my ankles, lips sputtering uncontrollably and with no one to hold. sh*t is so crazy that there's actually a disclaimer right before the credits urging you to not spoil the ending.

there's not much else to talk about here. i'm just looking to move on with my life, really.